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Buying Guide - Choosing A Mattress

Why Buy A New Mattress?
There are many reasons for buying a new mattress. Maybe the old one has worn out or perhaps you just moved into a new home.
The best reason for buying a new mattress - aside from not having one - is that you are not getting a good sleep on the one you have. If you are not falling asleep and getting the proper sleep you need, then you should change that mattress. If you just want a new mattress, that's fine with us, too! Consider letting us take away your old one when we deliver your new mattress. We'll keep it out of the landfills and the removal is usually free.
Comfort First
Above all other considerations, your new mattress should be the correct firmness for your body weight and sleeping position.
Most people will, throughout their sleep cycle, turn from side to back to side, as part of our body's natural rejuvenation process. How you fall asleep is probably the most important factor in choosing a mattress. Everyone has their own, most comfortable position in which they can easily fall asleep.

The position you fall asleep in is the one to consider here. Back and side sleepers tend to desire a softer mattress while stomach sleepers generally prefer one that is on the firmer end of the scale. This may or may not be true for you, but if you have difficulty falling asleep, it might be that you should choose a different firmness and sleep-starting position than what you are used to.

Manufacturers generally do not label the firmness of their products beyond the categories of "Firm" or "Plush". We at Cheap Sleep have compared the products we carry to help you decide where to start when selecting a new mattress. Our Comfort Zone labels are intended to help you compare these products within their own class, since there are Firm mattresses that are firmer than other Firm mattresses and Plush mattresses that are softer than other Plush mattresses.

Likewise, many mattresses are in a "Medium" comfort zone

Your Weight Is Important
Simply put: your mattress needs to support you without collapsing.
Larger people should consider a mattress with a higher coil count and/or stronger springs. A memory foam mattresses could also be a great option, too. Before we begin, remember that we carry close-out and factory rebuilt mattresses as well as brand new mattresses. Our pricing may not reflect the quality of a mattress since there are some high quality mattresses we offer at very low prices because we got them at overstock or factory clearance rates.

Coil Systems
Choose the right coil system for the bed you need.
Pocketed coil systems (AKA Marshal Coils) are comprised of many individually-wrapped coils, which reduces motion transfer and provides better overall support. Since the springs aren’t connected, they can react individually to heavier and lighter areas of the body. These are the best system to have because they allow the mattress to conform to you body and generally outlast other, connected coil systems.

Continuous coil systems are designed with many coils connected into a single spring unit allowing each spring to use support from adjacent springs which provide good durability, but compromises support and motion isolation.

Bonnell coil systems have many hour-glass shaped coils and are much less expensive to manufacture. They have average support, but durability is significant drawback

Double offset coil systems are like a cross between bonnell and continuous coil systems, using many dual connected coils in tandem. They have good support and motion isolation, but average durability.
Mattress Sizes
What Size is right for you?

38" x 74"54" x 74"38" x 80"54" x 80"60" x 80"74" x 80"72" x 84"

Twin and Full size mattresses will comfortably fit people who are up to 5' 10" tall. The longer Twin XL, Queen, and King sizes should be considered for anyone over 5' 10". For people over 6' 5" a California King size should be considered.

Queen is the most common size for single adults in the US, and is a "cozy" bed for couples. the standard (Eastern) King size affords the most comfort for couples, allowing plenty of room to stretch out.


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