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Buying Guide - Warranty Service

Warranty Coverage
Something has gone wrong with the product you bought from us and it needs to be repaired or replaced.
First, please understand that a warranty generally protects you from defects in materials and manufacturing that may lead to a bad product. Warranties on products we sell are offered by the manufacturer and are honored solely at the manufacturer's discretion. Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear that will occur over time, or damage that occurs due to improper use, abuse, or neglect Warranties do not cover additional fees such as delivery/removal charges, shipping charges, etc.

Most manufacturers have their own policies regarding their own warranted products and you should familiarize yourself with their policy when you first receive the product. We cannot amend, alter, or otherwise change the warranties as offered by the manufacturer, nor can we override any decision regarding warranty coverage made by the manufacturer.

Warranty Service Qualification is determined solely by the company that has written the warranty and therefore we cannot be held responsible for honoring any manufacturer's warranty, written or implied, should qualification be denied or should repair or replacement be otherwise considered insufficient to you.

Some Tips For Keeping Your Warranty Valid:
  • DON'T REMOVE LABELS: Mattresses, plush furniture, and other items usually have a label indicating the date of manufacture along with other information that is used to determine warranty qualification. If this label is missing, mutilated, altered, or otherwise illegible, that item will not qualify for warranty service.
  • TAKE PROPER CARE: Many products have a care label or instructions for care/cleaning and these instructions must be adhered to lest you void warranty qualification.
  • KEEP IT LIKE NEW: Prevent Damage from happening to your product. Moving large and/or heavy items may require help from other people or the use of specialized tools. Damage to an item prevents proper determination of manufacture defects.

The above is only a suggestion of some of the steps you should take to keep your warranty protection in place. Always refer to the manufacturer's specific instructions for all the details of the warranty.

If you think you need warranty service please call us first, we will be happy to help you get started.


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